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Don’t Hate Yeezy – By – E. Del’Man Ogilvy
November 29th, 2010

Given the recent angry-mob mentality surrounding Kanye West’s Today Show interview, I felt that as an aspiring publicist I will hire myself as Yeezy’s satellite Crisis Management Consultant and help clear his name from the hate list. So here goes — Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hate Kanye:

First and foremost, EMPATHY or lack thereof. I know you may titter (ha-ha he said titter) a little when you read empathy given the fact that Ye used the word at least 20 times in his Matt Lauer interview. But the fact of the matter is that you, me, your mama, baby mama’s mama, etc. are “Average Joes”, i.e. we have no idea what it is like to be under constant public scrutiny with every statement we make being critiqued. If YOU blurt out a rude comment or post an abrasive tweet, the only person you’ll offend is that girl in Chem. 201 who e-stalks you and is now heartbroken because she thought those Facebook photos of you at your fraternity’s charity cookout was the real you (nope it was required, and they had free beer).

"I'mma let you finish..."

Ye made a good point that when he was involved in the whole Bush-gate scandal a good number of the public praised him for his actions. Yet, he interrupts an 18-year-old country singer at the VMA’s now all of a sudden he’s the axis-o-evil. In the words of Ed Lover, C’MON SON! It was the VMA’s people, an entertainment award show! It’s not like he interrupted T-Swift while she was giving her acceptance speech after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for curing World-Hunger (what, they don’t have the dollar menu in Somalia?!).

Ye was just expressing his frustration that a brand new artist with little tenure in the music business, beat out veteran entertainers. And I’m not hating on Taylor, but how many times have we seen the “nerdy, but he/she gets the girl or gains popularity” video before?! Didn’t Brittney, Chris Brown and others do it before? Not saying that Beyonce should have won instead but the video was pretty awesome, took a high degree of stamina and choreography, AND one of those chicks may have been a MAN! Many of entertainers have come wasted to award shows, and stumbled through the teleprompter script, basically flipping the bird to the cable networks, audiences and the selection committee.

Next, you have to admit that Kanye has been a groundbreaking Rapdoucer, probably the best, and has received little recognition for it. We all love Jay-Z’s Blueprint album and Yeezy produced a large portion of those tracks. He took soul-sampling to a whole new level, re-introduced crossing genre’s, and basically patented the Chipmunk-voice chorus. His albums were basically a breath of fresh air and set the tone for the new era of hip-hop. Also, before Yeezy everyone’s favorite rapper wore baggy hoodies and jeans, Kangol hats, Timb’s, or even the occasional grown-man look was accompanied by a baggy button-down. Now everyone is wearing skinny jeans, cardigans, rapping about Louis Vuitton and claiming that Doo-Rag and Row’s look is wack.

Finally, you have to respect Kanye for being himself, whether you agree with it or not. Even Jay-Z said that when Ye first came to the Roc he wanted an album right, then and there. To tell the world’s biggest rapper that, “Hey man lets put your stuff on hold, and promote this College Dropout”, is pretty bold. His so-called narcissistic attitude isn’t uncommon for someone with wealth and fame. Michael Jordan is reported as being extremely difficult to deal with, and Chamillionarie isn’t the only person who he has refused to act cordial towards. Just ask attendees at his Hall of Fame speech, or a group of kids who basically had to beg him to stand in a photo, when that was the purpose of him being at the school in the first place! I’ve personally met Allen Iverson when I was in 7th grade, well at least the back of his head once he ignored me after I asked for an autograph at a shoot-around specifically set aside for kids to meet the players. Even Michael Jackson (rest his soul) was a bit of a diva, as seen in “This Is It”.

The fact of the matter is that despite Kanye’s outlandish antics at times, at the end of the day he is an entertainer, and a rare conscience one at that. Overlook his “Could you quiet down?” interview outburst and acknowledge lyrics like “Before you ask me to get a job today, can I at least get a raise on a minimum wage?” or “The system broken, the schools closed, the prisons open.” He has addressed critical world issues, while others tend to ignore them, and the media chooses not to promote his Today Show interview instead. If you really want someone to call a douchebag, call the whole Fox News cast TV’s magnum opus of doucheness. Bill O’Reilly blamed a whole religious group for 9/11 on national TV, and they blasted Steven Colbert for going to Congress and addressing the issues surrounding illegal immigrant farm workers, calling it a waste of the people’s time. YET, the story they chose to run after that statement was about Lindsay Lohan’s rehab admission, because she is a world leader. OR get angry at the fact the LA Times ran an article on the World’s Hungriest Countries, but then followed it with an article about the return of the McRib (http://articles.latimes.com/2000/oct/17/news/mn-37688), oh yeah its true. So yeah give Yeezy a break, he’s doing a lot more for people, and a lot less harm to people than others.

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